Cangrade Study Finds Nearly 6 in 10 Workers Thrive in Hybrid Setting

Cangrade, a bias-free, AI-based hiring solution that predicts job candidate success, recently released research showing the majority of workers in the United States are best suited to hybrid workplaces.

HR teams and business leaders nationwide have been struggling with which work model to implement as offices reopen. To help businesses make a decision that supports the majority of their workforce, Dr. Liana Epstein, a social psychologist and Head of Analytics at Cangrade, surveyed more than 2,000 American workers to understand their working habits, preferences, and where they fell on the remote work spectrum.

The results:

  • 59% do their best when they have a hybrid work arrangement
  • 17% thrive in a remote-only work environment
  • 24% see the most success with an in-person work arrangement

“The allure of having a flexible schedule that lets you forgo uncomfortable shoes, and a two-hour commute is undeniable. However, in the rush to embrace remote work as the new normal, we have to remember that there are an underlying set of soft skills that will make this experiment a dazzling success or a disappointing failure,” Epstein said..

“Some employees’ soft skills make them naturally less inclined towards remote work. It is an organization’s job to support their current employees and help them build the soft skills that will see them through this transition away from in-person work. Additionally, it is critical to fill the gap of social support that in-person work provides,” she added.

“The majority of us are hybrid workers, somewhere in the grey middle of the spectrum. It’s all about maintaining a balance that works for you and engaging with the aspects of your personality that contribute to your professional success.”

Find the full results here on Cangrade’s blog.