Book Offers ‘Vital Guidance’ for Hybrid Workplace

According to a recent survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), companies “plan to hire almost one-third (31.6 percent) more new college graduates from the Class of 2022 than they hired from the Class of 2021.”

While this is good news for new graduates, it’s important that entrants into the workforce have the tools and resources they need to have a strong, successful start and staying power in the hybrid workplace.

Leilani M. Brown of Leilani Brown LLC, a strategic advising and consulting service, offers “From Campus to Career: 25 Tips For Your First Professional Year, a quick and humorous read with practical guidance for recent graduates and young professionals entering the workforce.

From Campus To Career is the second edition of the acclaimed career advice book. It provides essential guidance for making an effective transition to the workplace. As a cohort marked by virtual learning and the pandemic, the definitive guide to succeeding at work has been updated to reflect the new world of work.

“So much has changed since I wrote ‘From Campus To Cubicle’ seven years ago, and certainly a lot has changed over the last two years,” Brown said. “Graduates are no longer going to cubicles but many to their dining room table, to shared workspaces or hoteling arrangements at their companies. I thought it was important to publish an update, retaining relevant information but also reflecting the realities of our changed and changing workplaces.”

Brown serves as the personal mentor many wish they had, offering useful tips for working in today’s ever-changing — and largely virtual — workplace. Practical career advice includes relevant and timely advice like cautious use of social media, the importance of developing positive relationships as well as the relationship between self-care and productivity.

“From Campus To Career: 25 Tips For Your First Professional Year” is available in print, Kindle and eBook formats.