Beyond Identity Adds Device360 Solution for Cross-Device Security Risk Visibility

Beyond Identity, a provider of passwordless, phishing-resistant MFA, released its new Device360 solution for continuous device security posture management. This tool is designed from day 0 to offer a streamlined admin experience that provides visibility into security posture of 100 percent of devices and combines device security with authentication. Device360 empowers organizations of virtually any size to instantly identify device security risk, including vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, across managed and unmanaged devices, while also helping stop vulnerable devices from entering the digital ecosystem to prevent breaches.

“With the volume and variation in devices accessing corporate resources today, authentication solutions must be expansive enough to include device trust to ensure that only the right people on safe devices can access the right data and services,” said Jasson Casey, CEO, Beyond Identity. “With Device360, we are addressing a blindspot in device security visibility that other platforms can’t, by providing insights and control for unmanaged endpoints. Combined with risk-aware phishing-resistant MFA, organizations can gain unparalleled visibility and enforce device security compliance at the time of authentication and continuously to prevent breaches.”

Device360 prevents risks associated with bring-your-own-device (BYOD) practices, where users and collaborators can use their computers, smartphones and other devices for work purposes. The tool empowers organizations to quickly and easily monitor the security of an entire fleet of devices, each of which may be owned, managed and configured differently. Until now, organizations could only gain this level of visibility and proactive security for managed devices using MDM and EDR tools, which tend to be more costly and resource-intensive to manage.

“Device360 will significantly increase in visibility across our fleet,” said Glen Saunders, Security Engineer, mParticle. “We’re doing this with Osquery right now but having the visibility tied to authentication is a strong indicator of risk.”

Available as a standalone solution or as a complement to Beyond Identity’s Secure Workforce offering, Device360 can be quickly deployed without reliance on MDMs. Features include:

  • Centralized visibility into vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.
  • Overviews of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across a fleet of devices.
  • Central report to help track, assure and prove device compliance.
  • Support for drilling down on risky devices to perform more in-depth diagnoses on device security posture.

With 45 ready-made device queries, Device360 simplifies Osquery, requiring no SQL knowledge or experience. It facilitates real-time and scheduled queries, ensuring continuous endpoint security and risk assessment over time.

To learn more about Beyond Identity’s platform, including its Secure Workforce next-generation MFA solution and diagnostic tool offerings, visit here.