Barco Introduces ClickShare Premium AIO Video Bar for Hybrid Environments

Meeting room technology provider Barco introduced the ClickShare Bar. This video bar is designed to support wireless conferencing in small to medium-sized meeting rooms. It specifically boosts the ClickShare experience, offering high-quality A/V capabilities that are smartly integrated into a single device.

“The world of work has drastically changed in the last 5 years, inducing companies to transform their workplace,” said Stijn Henderickx, EVP Meeting Experience, Barco. “To meet the requirements for hybrid work of their workforce, organizations are re-envisioning their business culture, physical workspace and technology investments. In that context, solutions to video-enable meeting rooms in a quick, efficient and flexible way are a must for companies and their IT managers.”

With the introduction of the ClickShare Bar, Barco offers a future-proof solution to modernize offices with video-first meeting spaces that cater to the needs of hybrid work. The all-in-one device augments the ClickShare experience with advanced stereo A/V capabilities. Audio functions such as noise suppression and acoustic echo cancellation ensure only the essential audio input is captured, while video capabilities such as speaker framing, group framing and composition view guarantee all participants are optimally displayed. These functionalities help bring meeting equity, which Barco noted is a critical element in successful hybrid collaboration.

With only one device needed to equip an entire meeting room alongside a display, the deployment is streamlined and installation costs reduced. The all-in-one device minimizes the points of failure, as collaboration, audio and video functionalities are consolidated into a single device.

The ClickShare Bar is available in two models:

  • ClickShare Bar Core brings all essential collaboration functionalities, combined with high-quality audio and video.
  • ClickShare Bar Pro adds extra functionalities such as advanced AI speaker framing, interactivity features (touchback, annotation and blackboarding) and a wired roomdock for 4K content sharing and alternative connectivity.

The ClickShare Bar is the first carbon-neutral video bar for wireless conferencing on the market, developed with ecological product design choices, higher energy efficiency and responsible material use. Throughout the product lifecycle, CO2 emissions have been reduced, with the remaining CO2 offset to guarantee real climate action.

“Our relentless pursuit of sustainability and meeting the growing needs in the hybrid workplace has resulted in the launch of the innovative ClickShare Bar,” said EVP, Meeting Experience, Barco. “With the addition of the wireless conferencing video bars to our ClickShare portfolio, we solidify our position as an innovator and visionary market leader in hybrid collaboration.”