Aware Unveils Context API to Transform CX, EX

Aware, a leader in contextual intelligence, unveiled Context API providing developers with access to the platform’s rich strategic, organizational and risk intelligence to transform the employee and customer experience.

A recent IDC report indicated that 85 percent of organizations that take actions to improve employee experience and increase employee engagement deliver a better customer experience, higher customer satisfaction and higher revenues. But legacy systems lack an intelligent data fabric to understand “context at scale,” a necessity for streamlining real-time decisions.

Compounding the problem is the proliferation of hybrid work environments that have resulted in exponential growth of unstructured data sets that existing systems can’t manage. Today, companies operating without connectivity, context and certainty lack the ability to answer the “why” when facing real-time decisions impacting the employee experience.

“Delivering the perfect customer experience is viewed as the holy grail to accelerate top-line growth. An exceptional customer experience begins with the employee, who knows your product, business and customer better than anyone else. At Aware, we believe in the employee, but data silos destroy great employee experiences. Rich operational data is underutilized across siloed legacy systems leaving the C-Suite with the lack of certainty and confidence to make real-time dynamic decisions to empower employees,” said Jeff Schumann, co-founder and CEO of Aware. “Unveiling our Context API to developers is just the next step in our journey to unify this critical, complex dataset to deliver context and an understanding of the ‘why’ so necessary for powering the employee and customer experience.”

Aware’s Contextual Intelligence Platform has equipped CIOs with organizational insights demanded by the C-Suite and needed to run and operate the company more efficiently and with less risk. Developers using Aware’s Context API capture the outputs from its purpose-built machine learning models and apps of Aware’s platform into their own applications and systems of record.

By unifying data and teams across the employee and customer experience workflows, then capturing rich insights and context within the data, Aware enables companies to solve an endless number of use cases across the enterprise.

Business units led by chief data officers, CTOs, and CPOs view Aware’s Platform and API strategy as a mission-critical engine for accelerating innovation while consolidating technology, reducing the risks of data sprawl and saving uncontrolled cloud spending. Additionally, Aware fuels an accelerated software development lifecycle process to meet their internal customers’ demands, all without the heavy architecture platform lift and dynamic data governance controls that this data requires.

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