AvePoint Advances SaaS Management

AvePoint, an advanced platform to optimize SaaS operations and secure collaboration, has unveiled updates to the AvePoint Confidence Platform that will help organizations modernize their digital workplaces with scalability and control.

As organizations increase their dependencies on SaaS applications for digital collaboration, AvePoint’s SaaS management capabilities improve operational efficiency, increase visibility and enable security and compliance.

The AvePoint Confidence Platform supports the management and governance of Microsoft 365, Power Platform and other Microsoft objects like Azure Active Directory and mail enabled distribution lists in these ways:

  • Improved operational efficiency – Gain a comprehensive view across SaaS applications, automate repetitive processes with event or manual workflow triggers, update licenses and entitlements to give users the right access and automate service requests with dynamic profiles.
  • Increased visibility – Capture context for collaboration workspaces and objects to understand why and how they are being used, execute object or user-based security searches for unmatched insight into SharePoint, OneDrive, Groups and Teams permissions and aggregate exposed content with sensitive information types to present a heat map of at-risk data across Microsoft 365.
  • Proactive security and compliance – Create lifecycle management to empower users while ensuring they stay within organizational policies, review security concerns and update access and security controls within Microsoft 365 objects, and identify orphaned objects in Microsoft 365 or Power Platform to take corrective action.

Future updates to the AvePoint Confidence Platform, which will add to robust SaaS management capabilities, include:

  • Expanded lifecycle management support – New additions fuel better security and compliance, such as Shared Channel management within Microsoft 365, which allows users to build governance policies around who is authorized to create Shared Channels, and automated renewal cycles for Power Automate and Power BI workflows. For Azure, users will be able to provision, renew and end-of-life Azure Active Directory (AD) security groups, mail enabled distribution lists and shared mailboxes to protect data and limit unnecessary sprawl.
  • Enhanced guest user access control – Organizations will be able to see and remove ghost users who exist in Azure AD but who have been removed elsewhere in the tenant, to better mitigate risks of oversharing or data breaches. Additionally, organizations can customize Private Teams Channel monitoring to ensure only the right individuals have access to sensitive data.
  • More efficient and automated operations – As more organizations use Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI, AvePoint will provide central monitoring and control to extend data protection strategies and create holistic policies across platforms and enhance security. Extended workflow automation, with governance in place, for Power BI artifacts, workspaces, environments, connectors, flows and apps helps to streamline operations and fuel productivity.

For more information on how AvePoint can help manage SaaS operations and secure collaboration, visit its website.