AT&T, Cisco to Marry 5G, IoT Connectivity

AT&T and Cisco Systems launched a 5G Service for the Internet of Things (IoT). The AT&T Control Center powered by Cisco is designed to bring 5G speeds to AT&T IoT customers using 5G-certified devices. The added capabilities are designed to boost performance, deliver lower latency and increase speeds.

The AT&T Control Center powered by Cisco offers real-time visibility into networked IoT devices in order to mitigate security risk, identify data use anomalies and optimize traffic classification reporting. Potential applications include 5G-capable connected vehicles, mobile personal emergency response devices, camera manufacturing and more.

Together, the companies manage connected devices across the manufacturing, utilities, transportation, public sector, retail and healthcare arenas, as well as public safety on FirstNet.

“Working with Cisco, we continue to help businesses deploy IoT devices and applications faster and more securely and get more value out of devices they use,” said William Stovall, AT&T VP of Mobility, IoT and 5G. “This is an important first step toward the IoT massive connectivity that will eventually create opportunities for enterprises to realize the full potential of IoT.”

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