Appgate Announces Cloud-native Zero Trust to Protect Kubernetes

Appgate announced Kubernetes access control security for Appgate SDP, enabling customers to accelerate zero trust security for the cloud by protecting cloud-native workloads. This capability builds on the company’s success in protecting traditional cloud workloads with its Zero Trust Network Access solution.

Many organizations already have shifted traditional workloads to the cloud and are focused on developing cloud-native applications to support their modernization initiatives, improve efficiency and enhance productivity.

Kubernetes — an open-source platform for managing containerized workloads and services — is a key tool driving cloud-native development. The number of developers using Kubernetes has grown by 67 percent in 2021, and the global container and Kubernetes security market is predicted to reach $8.24 billion by 2030, up from $714 million in 2020.

The Appgate SDP capability is deployed natively within a Kubernetes cluster as a sidecar, which allows organizations to use zero trust principles to control service-to-service access across Kubernetes clusters. This enables them to manage and enforce which microservices can communicate with which critical resources, regardless of location or implementation technologies.

“As organizations worldwide focus on developing cloud-native applications, they need a means to easily and effectively secure containerized workloads,” said Jawahar Sivasankaran, president and COO, Appgate. “This new capability microsegments services from each other, giving organizations control over service-to-service access. This reduces the attack surface, minimizing a bad actor’s ability to move laterally across microservice architectures in an organization’s environment.”

Appgate also secures ingress access from users to Kubernetes workloads, as well as access to and from air-gapped Kubernetes environments, for example, between on-premises and public cloud-based resources.

With Appgate SDP, organizations gain a single unified policy engine for zero trust access that enables them to control user-to-resource access (i.e., for remote user access) and resource-to-resource access (i.e., for containerized workloads) to streamline management and reduce complexity.

Customers can protect all users (remote, onsite and hybrid), all resources (traditional, cloud-native, and legacy applications) and all environments (cloud, hybrid, multi-cloud and on-premises) with one solution.

Appgate customers can preview the Kubernetes sidecar client for Appgate SDP here: