allwhere Secures $9.5M in Seed Funding

allwhere, a company looking to provide teams with anything they need to work from anywhere, has emerged from stealth mode with $9.5 million secured in seed funding led by DESCOvery, the D.E. Shaw group‘s venture studio.

Founded within DESCOvery in 2021 by CEO Oscar Mattsson, allwhere is a people-first company that empowers teams to stay productive and engaged — wherever they may be. This includes working with companies to implement holistic remote work solutions, manage the full lifecycle of equipment from procurement to storage and disposal, and provide world-class onboarding, engagement, retention, and wellness programs while lowering costs by leveraging allwhere’s economies of scale.

The seed funding will enable allwhere to hire talent and establish its executive team, scale operations and expand the capabilities of its platform. After piloting its services across North America, Latin America and Europe, allwhere is empowering distributed teams to come together however they are most engaged and productive.

For more than a decade, allwhere’s leadership team has been innovating the future of work. Mattsson began his career at WeWork, where he was a founding member of its enterprise business, later working with partners to expand WeWork’s value proposition beyond office-space and into daycare, food & beverage, mobility, and other benefits.

He is joined by Ben Kessler, Chief Marketing & Growth Officer, and Josh Rosenthal, Head of Customer Experience. Kessler and Rosenthal also are from WeWork and were inspired by the company’s original mission of enabling flexible work.

Practicing what they preach, allwhere has adopted a hybrid approach with an office in Brooklyn and all three executives working in different cities across the United States, while running the company in a collaborative and cohesive way.

After speaking with hundreds of business leaders who faced the logistical challenges of providing a positive work-from-anywhere environment, Mattsson saw an opportunity to create a solution that caters to different work styles and enables companies to deliver the tools, products and services needed for employees who are remote, hybrid, and on-site.

“No one-size fits all for the new world of work. For much too long, companies were only equipped for in-office setups and struggled to accommodate a variety of work styles. Allwhere is here to change that,” Mattsson explained. “Now, companies must offer flexible work environments to attract and retain the best talent. We work closely with them to relieve the headaches of providing an optimal work experience anywhere, so internal teams can focus on high priority deliverables like employee engagement, professional development and more.”

The pandemic has shifted how companies and teams work, with 42 percent having a hybrid schedule and 39 percent working entirely from home. With volatile markets and shifts in corporate budgets and spending, allwhere allows HR, Ops and IT teams to save time and money by combining procurement of hardware, logistics and benefits into one platform that can deploy, track, and activate equipment in one click. This allows companies to manage resources more efficiently. On average to date, allwhere customers save more than 20 percent on employee equipment, perks, and overhead with internal teams saving an average of eight hours per new hire.

A champion for all companies, allwhere supports teams at any stage of their growth, whether they’re scaling up, back, or maintaining status quo. In an environment where businesses and employees are facing uncertainty, allwhere provides the support needed to scale and manage teams, providing a seamless experience throughout the employee lifecycle efficiently and effectively.

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