Airtame Adds Features to Hybrid Conferencing Solution

Airtame, a creator of a hardware-enabled SaaS platform that allows seamless collaboration in businesses and schools, announced three feature upgrades to Airtame Rooms – the software component of its hybrid conferencing solution, which improve hybrid collaboration. The upgrades include full integration with Zoom, along with calendar integrations with Microsoft Calendar and Google Calendar.

“Airtame helps transform organizations into a hybrid environment where every meeting space embraces both physical and remote interactions, promoting collaboration equity for all,” said Susanne Lund, Airtame CEO. “With the full integration of Zoom, Microsoft Calendar, and Google Calendar, we’re creating a truly cross-service hybrid conferencing solution in which users do not need to worry about meeting links, set-up changes, and the typical problems that plague today’s conference rooms. Conferencing should be easy, and Airtame’s hybrid conferencing solution makes it so.”

In the few months since adding Zoom as a Beta feature, Airtame has received positive feedback from users and has made the necessary tweaks to improve performance. With full Zoom integration, users can join Teams or Zoom meetings on any Airtame Hub device. It’s as easy as joining a Zoom call on Airtame Hub directly via a scheduled event in the users’ calendar or with a meeting link.

“Even with our Zoom feature out of Beta, we’ll continue to work on adding new features, enabling tighter integration with Zoom’s services, and improving overall performance,” Lund emphasized. “Now, users never have to miss another meeting because they couldn’t join a Zoom call from another room system that didn’t have ‘guest-join’ enabled or didn’t support Zoom. With Airtame Rooms, users will have a uniform and simple user experience no matter the meeting link – Zoom or Microsoft Teams.”

The Microsoft Calendar and Google Calendar integrations solve another major collaboration pain point experienced by workers and educators. It’s often difficult to coordinate and book conference call rooms with the corresponding conferencing platform they are compatible with. In many situations, users need to invite the room to the calendar event with a link, or users must join the calls on their own devices and then invite the room into the call.

The new calendar integrations streamline efficiency to get meetings up and running with ease by integrating directly with the user’s own calendar via the Airtame app. They can log into their work calendar using Microsoft or Google single sign on, and immediately preview the list of meetings in their calendar. Once logged in, they can join a call from there.

“With the Airtime hybrid conferencing solution, it’s now possible to effortlessly control video conferencing with a single platform, expanding the capabilities of the hybrid collaboration that has come to define how we work and learn,” Lund said. “You can start a Microsoft Teams or Zoom meeting on the same room system with an identical user experience – regardless of platform – right from your Microsoft calendar or Google calendar. Once logged in, it’s as easy as one click.”

Airtame’s hybrid conferencing solution consists of software and hardware. Airtame Rooms – the software component running on Airtame Hub – integrates with multiple services, enabling flexibility and ease. Airtame Hub – the hardware component – enables the premiere Airtame experience for screen sharing, digital signage and seamless hybrid conferencing.

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