Adzuna Reveals Benefits Dominating Employees’ Wish Lists

Successful companies recognize benefits that used to be “nice-to-haves” are now “must-haves” to keep employees and retain great talent. Research from job search engine Adzuna found employers increasingly offer benefits that support milestones in their employees’ personal lives, alleviate workers’ mental-health struggles and provide more flexible work environments.

Benefits around fertility health in the workplace continue to expand: Adzuna found more job postings are advertising benefits that support fertility care and building a family. Looking at year-over-year research, there were more job postings advertising fertility benefits, egg freezing and IVF in February 2023 (3,477 job ads) compared to February 2022 (2,587 job ads).

Employees interested in adopting children also are seeing increased support from employers allowing them to take leave after an adoption takes place. 8,874 job postings advertised adoption leave this past month compared to 3,513 in February 2022.

Awareness around mental health in the workplace also has skyrocketed due to the pandemic and remote work, causing 81 percent of individuals to look for workplaces that support their mental well-being. The number of job postings offering free therapy or counseling has fluctuated over the years, but this is becoming a top priority; there were 4,025 more job postings advertising these benefits in February 2023 (4,127 job ads) compared to February 2022 (102 job ads).

Mental health days also are becoming more prominent in the workplace, as well as companies giving employees the day off for their birthday. In February 2023, 16,791 job ads included birthday leave in their job postings compared to 2,668 the year before. Other benefits appearing more on job ads compared to previous years include volunteer days and menopause support.

“Looking back three to five years ago, some of the benefits now being offered were not a priority for employers,” says Paul Lewis, chief customer officer at Adzuna.  “But in today’s world of work, employees are focused on companies that are providing care for them as a full person. With the increase in job ads advertising benefits such as fertility assistance, free therapy, etc., our findings show that companies are reassessing and listening to what their employees need support within their personal lives. This will allow employers to successfully compete against other businesses for talent.”

The “work from anywhere” model became very popular throughout the pandemic. Job seekers who want jobs that will allow them to work from anywhere today should search for opportunities in Customer Service (2,532 job ads advertise this perk), IT (2,479 job ads), and Accounting & Finance (2,043 job ads). If people are passionate about giving back, they can look for work in IT (2,566 job ads advertising volunteer days), Accounting & Finance (1,958 job ads), and Sales (1,031 job ads).

Job seekers should avoid looking for jobs in Property and Travel if childcare support is a leading factor, as there are very few to no job postings advertising this benefit in these sectors. But if fertility benefits are important to job seekers, they should start looking for jobs in Healthcare, IT and Sales.

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