ActiveComply Solution Ensures Remote Employee Compliance

ActiveComply, a provider of cloud-based solutions that help companies in highly regulated industries stay compliant, has launched Remote Office Inspection, a digital service that uses latest encrypted technology to help companies document their compliance with agency guidelines and state and federal laws when using remote employees.

While a growing number of banks, mortgage lenders, credit unions and investment banking firms allow employees to work from home or a remote office, they remain subject to stringent industry rules and regulations that make compliance difficult to manage remotely.

For instance, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires lenders to meet certain rules about protecting FHA loan files, which has proven difficult for employers to prove their due diligence.

Remote Office Inspection is an easy, affordable and accessible way for companies with remote employees to ensure compliance, workplace safety and supervision. It includes a customizable survey that enables organizations to inspect branch offices remotely to ensure they have the proper signage, business license display and adequate security, which saves the expense of sending someone out to do a physical inspection.

Remote Office Inspection’s survey features can be tailored to prove the compliance of at-home employees, which is useful for regulated institutions subject to governmental oversight.

“When it comes to consumer privacy, the same rules apply whether an employee is working from their company’s headquarters or their living room couch,” ActiveComply co-founder and CEO Rob Nunziata said. “Given the recent increase in privacy violations and data breaches — some of which resulted in regulatory enforcement and multi-million-dollar class action settlements — ensuring that remote offices and employees do not create liability is a sound strategy.”

Remote Office Inspection also ensures a company’s remote workers and branches are compliant with individual state remote office requirements by using GPS location tracking as well as on-site image and video captures delivered through a user-friendly virtual assessment. The network quality of a branch or employee’s office can also be assessed, and companies can document their compliance on demand.

“ActiveComply is paving the way for lenders, real estate companies and other organizations to manage compliance safely and effectively,” said Mike Prince, co-founder and CTO of ActiveComply. “We expect more states will soon be changing their guidance on the protection of consumer privacy and the use of social media. When they do, our new Remote Office Inspection service, like our Social Media Monitoring and LicenseLink tools, will evolve with those new policies.”

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