Accruent Reinforces Cloud Collaboration Agreement with Microsoft

Workplace and asset management solutions provider Accruent expanded its ongoing collaboration with Microsoft. This agreement specifically designates Microsoft Azure as the primary hosting platform for Accruent’s SaaS software solutions, also highlighting a shared commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology.

This commitment to Azure underscores Accruent’s mission to boost business productivity by adopting modern solutions, including new AI and ML technologies such as the Azure OpenAI Service. The integration should allow Accruent to unify its suite of solutions under a single provider, streamlining processes, promoting consistency and delivering secure, scalable, reliable cloud environments.

The collaboration specifically prioritizes business productivity to meet customer need through:

  • An Expanded Global Network: Azure’s expansive network of data centers worldwide enables reliable and secure access to Accruent solutions, worldwide.
  • Robust Security and Compliance: Azure offers comprehensive, multi-layered security features, including data encryption, threat detection and compliance certifications that enhance protection of business assets and data.
  • Enhanced Integration: The relationship fosters seamless integration between Accruent solutions and Azure services for data, serverless environments and future offerings such as AI and advanced reporting. This empowers Accruent customers to leverage their Accruent technology investments.

“By deepening our relationship with Microsoft and harnessing the power of Microsoft Azure, we’re enhancing our ability to deliver intelligent, AI-driven solutions to our customers,” said Accruent CPTO, Richard Leurig. “This collaboration signifies a significant stride in our ongoing commitment to providing innovative, industry-leading solutions.”

“We’re pleased to strengthen our collaboration with Accruent, a company that shares our vision for the transformative potential of the cloud,” said Gary Nafus, VP of sales, Microsoft. “Our combined efforts aim to further enhance productivity for customers by using our robust commitment to security, while continuously investing in AI-driven solutions.”

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