Ability to Work Remotely Transforming Future of Real Estate

Renters have new expectations and priorities, frequently marked by access to the outdoors, well-being, and flexibility.

The remote work culture propelled by the pandemic has led to an explosion in growth among small towns and cities. Tired of trying to manage the high cost of living, lack of space and nature in large cities, workers are exploring alternatives to spend their newly found flex time.

If you could work from anywhere – where would it be? Would you stay at one place? Or would you keep traveling and exploring while making money on the go?

The cool thing about working remotely is being able to do it from a variety of places.

The work-from-anywhere culture is here to stay as an increasing number of companies offer fully remote options to their employees. Reports show remote work rates in some occupations exceed 80 percent, as CEOs prioritize business models that are digital and flexible.

What does this mean for the future of real estate? There is no doubt the global health crisis, combined with economic conditions has incited a new cultural boom. It has altered the way people desire to live, work and socialize. People choose to leave the hectic and expensive city life behind.

Aashna Living delivers the next wave of real estate, a subscription model to eco-luxury rentals and holistic hospitality clubs, providing virtual and in-person wellness experiences, rejuvenating getaways, short and long-term stays, and welcoming workspaces.

In addition to flexible leases, layouts and locations, members have the ability to bounce around, share remote workstations and eco-living spaces in inspiring destinations across the country. Staying domestic can keep traveling for an “in-office” meeting or visiting family or friends in the U.S. relatively simple while providing the ability to cultivate new friendships on the go.

Aashna Living launched a crowdfunding campaign with Republic. The startup raised more than $50,000 from dozens of investors in a few weeks for their “lifestyle & experience” housing platform designed to meet today’s lifestyle preferences, including wellness-focused real estate, co-living, “rent-by-room”, digital nomads, explorer/travelers and remote workers, especially relevant in today’s “work-from-anywhere” business environment.

Investment amounts start as low as $250. Investors can receive perks such as 50 percent discount off a membership, digital or in-person wellness sessions and even complimentary nights during a short-term booking.

More information is available here.