Xolo, a company serving nearly 100,000 solopreneurs worldwide, has launched a new service called Xolo Teams, allowing businesses to contract, manage and pay their freelance contractors quickly and easily.

The service is available for European, Canadian and U.S. businesses to contract freelancers in Europe. Those companies can manage their freelance workforce by using Xolo’s web-based SaaS platform, contract framework and payment methods.

“We are going through the most profound change in the nature of work in centuries. The shift from traditional employment towards independent work is now accelerating in the post-COVID remote work era. We believe that the majority of knowledge professionals will be employed as independent businesses in a few years’ time,” Xolo CEO Allan Martinson said.

For example, a September 2020 McKinsey survey of 800 executives globally, found that over the next two years, 70 percent said they plan to increase their dependence on on-site freelance and contract workers.

“Companies need new toolkits to cope with this new situation. Instead of HR and payroll systems, they will need platforms to manage teams of independent contractors – whether sole traders or single-person companies,” continued Martinson.

Xolo’s service offers businesses exactly that, by providing a simple and easy way to contract, manage and pay contractors regardless of their location within one platform. The new service is combined within its existing product that helps solopreneurs to manage their microbusinesses.

Xolo, with freelancer customers across 131 countries, is one of the leading SaaS services used by solopreneurs globally. The service targets the companies hiring them, offering a platform to manage everything from contracts to compliance to payments.

Xolo Teams is available now. You can find more information on Xolo Teams here.