Apcela Adds Enhanced, Cloud-Based Encryption to Arcus Connect

Apcela – a company that provides software-defined, cloud-optimized enterprise network services – added enhanced cloud-based encryption to its Arcus Connect portfolio, a collection of software-defined, multi-cloud interconnection services.

The encryption services are currently available for AWS Direct Connect (CX) connections to GovCloud and Azure Express Route connections to Microsoft Government cloud instances. Apcela will provide encryption for up to the full 10Gbps line-rate of the direct connection link, marking improvement over the native capabilities of encrypted transit, which is typically limited to 1.25Gbps.

The enhanced encryption will be available from “most cities in North America,” via Apcela’s Arcus Connect Platform. Customers can connect from any enterprise location via a private connection, a wide-area network (WAN) extension, cross-connect into Apcela’s global network of AppHUBs or as a cloud service via a secure IPSEC tunnel over the internet.

Apcela initially developed the enhanced encryption service for a global defense and aerospace customer in 2020 to support high throughput transit of secure encrypted data to AWS GovCloud. With this general availability announcement for North America, Apcela is now fully supporting single and multi-cloud access across both AWS and Azure including all GovCloud and Azure Government regions for all data security classifications.

The multi-cloud encrypted access solution is offered via Apcela’s Arcus Platform and global network of AppHUBs. They are part of a suite of enterprise multi-cloud WAN solutions across connectivity, security, and intelligence layers, simplifying deployment of the networking and security services needed to move mission critical applications and data to the cloud.

“While demand for private cloud connections is growing rapidly, there are some significant limitations when encryption is required,” noted Kunal Thakkar, VP Product and Solutions Engineering for Apcela. “Limitations of software based IPSEC VPNs throttle your encrypted throughput to 1.25 Gbps, even though your direct connect link is capable of 10 Gbps. We unlock the encrypted throughput with acceleration at the cloud edge, enabling the full 10 Gbps, with the added benefit of being able to aggregate across multiple public and/or private enterprise network connections.”

Services support high throughput connections to all AWS GovCloud and Azure Government instances in North America. While the government sector has been its traditional application, Apcela also noted that it can also be used for other regulated industries such as banking, finance and healthcare.