Passwords Remain a Top Security Threat

A majority of Americans are using sticky notes to store their work-related passwords, and most of them admit to having lost these notes, according to Keeper Security’s new Workplace Password Malpractice report.

According to the report, more than half of American employees (57%) are currently writing down work-related passwords on sticky notes, indicating large-scale carelessness when it comes to password management and potentially leading to significant cybersecurity risk.

Additionally, two-thirds (66%) have lost these sticky notes in the past, making it difficult to know who ultimately has access to sensitive company information.

A majority of respondents (62%) said they have a notebook or journal where they store logins and passwords, and 81% of those say they keep these notebooks next to or close to their work devices, where they can be easily accessed by any passerby.

This trend has increased in the remote work era, as most workers (66%) report they’re more likely to write down work-related passwords while working from home than they are in the office.

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