60% of Sales Hires Stay with Company at Least 6 Months

Allego, a sales enablement platform provider, announced new research on the state of sales onboarding for companies nationwide. “The State of Sales Onboarding” provides insights into the onboarding changes and challenges sales teams face as hybrid work becomes the norm.

“Companies are struggling to fill sales roles, which impacts revenue. With the finding that many new sales hires leave during their first six months, it’s clear that organizations have a gap in their existing onboarding processes. It’s more crucial than ever to get onboarding right in order to retain new employees,” said Amy Cohn, Chief People Officer at Allego. “Companies who invest in personalized onboarding also invest in the well-being and longevity of their employees as they ensure new sellers have the skills, knowledge and content they need to feel confident stepping into their role.”

Allego surveyed 300 B2B sales leaders to understand where sales onboarding has been, where it is today and where it’s going next. The findings show that sales onboarding looks different than it did 24 months ago, demonstrating how quickly organizations have had to adapt their processes in the hybrid era. The data also reveals many companies have a long way to go to optimize onboarding for the realities of a hybrid workplace.

Key findings from the report include:

Onboarding Needs are More Complex Now

  • 67 percent of sales leaders say sales positions are more complex than they were one year ago
  • Top three sales onboarding pain points are: keeping new hires engaged, keeping content current and the low quality of new hires
  • Only 26 percent of onboarding is customized to adjust to a new hire’s strengths and weaknesses
  • 68 percent of sales leaders say their onboarding doesn’t adjust for the new hire’s previous experience

Onboarding Reflects a Shift to Hybrid Workplaces

  • 51 percent of companies modified onboarding because of their plans to return to the office
  • 39 percent of sales leaders say remote work has rendered their onboarding process obsolete
  • 51 percent of companies expect onboarding will be hybrid in the next 12 months, while 38 percent expect it to be in-person only and 11 percent expect it to be remote only

Onboarding is Still a Costly, Lengthy and Stressful Process

  • On average, the typical onboarding sales process takes 38 days
  • The average cost to onboard a new sales employee: $9,589
  • Nearly half of sales leaders say onboarding has been so stressful on some hires that they quit

To view the full research report or learn more about optimized onboarding for your organization, visit Allego.com.