Wrike Enables Fast Productivity with Work Management Platform

What it calls the “most powerful work management platform,” Wrike announced innovations that include the unveiling of its most intuitive, versatile and scalable platform, Wrike Lightspeed, during its annual Collaborate conference.

The need for workplace connectivity and alignment across teams has increased significantly over the past few years as teams, departments, and organizations adapt to unprecedented workplace changes, economic uncertainty and, most recently, historically low levels of productivity. At Collaborate, Wrike executives announced a newly designed platform, including a streamlined user experience, artificial intelligence capabilities, and powerful new features. With an average performance increase of up to 45 percent, the platform has proven to provide organizations with the fastest way to productivity, giving them the freedom to focus on their most impactful work.

Wrike also introduced Team Plan, a cost-effective plan that includes intuitive, modern design and essential features that teams need to start working effectively right away.

“IDC predicts that the market for team collaboration applications will grow at a five-year CAGR of 19 percent,” according to Wayne Kurtzman, IDC Research VP of Collaboration and Communities. “Collaboration is something people do together, but the right technologies help it inform and scale across an enterprise. In a world where work is more flexible and we are blending workspace and workplace, connecting actual work to core systems becomes imperative to grow as a digital company.”

Wrike Lightspeed makes it easy for organizations to get started with work management and stay in a single platform as they grow, giving employees the fastest way to productivity. The interface has been redesigned from the ground up to stand out with the three critical values: intuitiveness, versatility and scalability.

Intuitiveness allows the user to manage work effortlessly and make the time spent in Wrike productive and enjoyable, whether working as a team or individually. Versatility gives the power to manage diverse types of work with configurations specific to each team or department. And all of this work can be managed at scale no matter how complex work becomes as more teams and departments get onboard across the entire organization.

“Companies of all sizes are experiencing a downturn in productivity accelerated by a more rapid pace of work, unexpected pivots in business strategy, lack of resources, and employee burnout,” said Andrew Filev, founder and CEO, Wrike. “Wrike Lightspeed is designed to tackle the most pressing business challenges and increase productivity through key collaboration, prioritization, and automation features. Our Dark Matter of Work research found that 86 percent of organizations are planning to invest in solutions with AI and workflow automation capabilities to create a single source of truth for work and increase efficiency. Our new platform delivers this today, helping our customers do the best work of their lives in a time where efficiency is paramount. Wrike Lightspeed is not only our biggest launch in two years, but the first one as a newly independent company.”

Wrike Lightspeed delivers a user-friendly interface – with a modern look and feel, new views with improved performance, an intuitive set up, and a decluttered workspace – enabling the shortest learning curve for teams of any size. The ergonomic user interface of Wrike Lightspeed allows teams to focus on their work, not being distracted by unnecessary features, while also allowing organizations to introduce more powerful functionality as they’re ready to scale. With these improvements to the core views, users can expect an average performance increase of up to 45 percent:

  • Personal Work Experience is our new product homepage where users can configure various widgets to see incoming inbox messages, manage their tasks, and stay on top of their own productivity.
  • Updated Board View presents projects in a Kanban-style board with easy column setup, subtask preview, workflow modification, and one-click assignments.
  • Updated Table View blends the ease of use of spreadsheets with the power of hierarchical work breakdown.
  • Updated Gantt View takes one of the most popular project management views and delivers a simpler user experience to display projects in timeline view with dependencies and milestones and show the impact of rescheduling on the overall project.
  • New Calendar View provides a weekly, monthly, and quarterly view of projects, and allows teams to manage roadmaps.
  • New Analytics View pulls data all together in a birds-eye view, allowing stakeholders to see a summary of any project or workflow.

Wrike puts companies back in control and enables teams to configure work their way in the context of one, unified platform. Beyond individual teams being able to configure all aspects of a workflow in their Space, Wrike provides a universal way to view work across the company and report on it top down.

For more information, visit www.wrike.com.