Vection Premiers Metaverse Embedded App for Webex Meetings

Vection Technologies, a provider of 3D and virtual reality (VR) solutions for enterprises, published a metaverse embedded app in the Webex App Hub. For hybrid work situations, Vection has partnered with Webex to challenge the status quo of standard 2D presentations. The 3DFrame embedded app enables Webex Meeting participants to engage in virtual environments custom-built in a simple, no-code interface without ever leaving the Webex Meeting.

From images, videos and PDF presentations to complex 3D objects like cars and furniture, 3DFrame brings Webex meetings’ content to life. Users can conceptualize and collaborate on products from anywhere in real-time.

This levels the playing field drives inclusivity and eliminates the logistical costs of getting all the right people and products together face-to-face.

“With hybrid work on the rise, organizations must adopt new technologies to ensure inclusivity, flexibility and collaboration among the workforce,” said Gianmarco Biagi, managing director of Vection Technologies. “3DFrame gives Webex Meetings participants the ability to join a shared 3D virtual environment, where they can naturally present and interact with objects and people, regardless of their physical location.”

Webex Platform VP of Product Jason Copeland added, “The Webex Platform enables our customers to benefit from Cisco’s technology partner network with innovative and workflow-ready solutions. Vection’s 3DFrame technology enables use cases for industrial design, engineering, and virtual spaces in an integrated and secure way.”

Learn more about getting started with the 3DFrame Embedded App on the Webex App Hub.