Unicon Presents Solution to Manage Unlimited End Devices

Unicon, an expert in end-user computing and a software provider for cloud devices, is expanding its Scout Management Platform with a solution that enables administrators to manage an organization’s eLux endpoints more easily and efficiently. Scout Board can be installed and used starting with Scout version 15.2209.

Managing numerous endpoints and organizational units cannot be made easy enough for administrators. Unicon has been helping companies, government agencies and managed service providers to provide employees with secure, location-independent, and hardware-independent data access to corporate structures for more than 25 years. It does so via the Linux operating system eLux, as well as via the management solution Scout, which manages all eLux clients.

The company is giving its Scout Console a new web-based management solution. Scout Board comes with a new look and feel and is based on the latest intuitive UI/UX concepts for organization management and device administration. The feature set leverages existing Scout servers and associated databases, making deployment quick and easy. There is no need to change or set configurations, permissions, etc.

Scout Board will be released in October with the next version 2209. Administrators can enable Scout Board during an update. Scout Board will be active by default during a new installation, and it will address key use cases from the beginning and will be developed continuously. Future versions will expand its range of functions.

For more information, visit https://www.unicon.net/