Pipefy Announces New AI Capabilities

Pipefy, a global leader in no-code process automation, today announces the upcoming release of Pipefy AI, a technology that combines artificial intelligence (AI) with its no-code process management and automation platform.

Pipefy AI enhances process management by delivering crucial data insights and accelerating the speed at which processes can be built. The result is better decision making and greater operational efficiency throughout the enterprise.

Pipefy AI will include two key components: Pipefy Assistant and Pipe Builder. With Pipefy Assistant, business leaders and other users can ask the AI any question about their processes or data sets and receive an answer in seconds. Pipefy Assistant also helps users complete a range of manual tasks.

The Pipe Builder component creates efficient custom processes based on the parameters and requirements set by the requester. Users tell the AI what kind of process or workflow they need, what kinds of data they want to collect and any other characteristics they’d like it to have — Pipefy AI does the rest. Its goal is to build the most efficient version of the user’s process for them.

Pipefy AI will become available to Pipefy users in coming weeks. Those wanting to experience Pipefy AI as soon as possible can join the waitlist for Pipefy AI to be notified when the features are available.