Kasm Releases Workspaces v1.12 Software

Kasm Technologies, an industry leader in streaming cloud workloads to the web browser, released its Kasm Workspaces v1.12, with enhancements to its portfolio of digital workspaces delivering desktop as a service (DaaS), virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI), remote browser isolation (RBI), open-source intelligence collection (OSINT), training/sandboxes, and containerized application streaming (CAS).

Kasm Workspaces v1.12 includes a variety of core performance enhancements, including breakthrough advancements in the open-source KasmVNC-based graphics rendering technology that improve streaming quality, along with updates to the CPU allocation methods to support increased sharing of computing resources that improve performance and further increase the resource-efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the Workspaces ecosystem.

The Workspaces platform updates include a redesigned UI/UX for the Workspace launcher and user profile management. These enhancements provide a modern and elegant interface for interacting with the Workspaces sessions and include the ability to personalize the background/login pages and launch sessions in a new window or browser tab.

Workspaces can be created for VMs and server pools through RDP or VNC protocol, to include Microsoft Windows and Linux distributions. The expanded support for VM-based Workspaces includes existing server deployments or the ability to provision/launch Windows desktops within cloud providers or existing Windows resource pools.

In addition to desktops and apps, Kasm Workspaces can display external links on the user dashboard. This allows organizations to consolidate user applications into a single dashboard.

New Workspace images were added to the existing library for Oracle Linux, CENTOS, OpenSUSE, Docker-in-Docker, Vivaldi, RetroArch, Minetest, SuperTuxKart and additional support for ARM workloads.  Images can be pulled directly from the Kasm Dockerhub profile.

The software release can be downloaded at: https://www.kasmweb.com/downloads