EPOS Releases IMPACT 1000 Headset Series

EPOS, a global audio and video brand, has unveiled the IMPACT 1000 – an on-ear, future-proof Bluetooth headset. The IMPACT 1000 Series is designed to meet the challenges of a call in the New Open Office workspace. The headset for talk-centric professionals ensures all sides of the meeting can stay focused for an impactful dialogue with a minimum of brain energy spend on listening and understanding the essentials.

EPOS IMPACT 1000 is designed to help the brain listen and understand with at least one on the call being in a noisy environment. This reduces brain fatigue on both sides of the meeting through hybrid adaptive ANC and adaptive voice pickup powered by EPOS AI.

The IMPACT 1000 leverages speech intelligibility tools. By harnessing machine learning technology, the IMPACT 1000 works to identify which sounds should be suppressed in a user’s environment and which sounds should be enhanced. Together, the solution addresses the challenges of modern work environments, empowering workers to block out unwanted noises and create disturbance-free work experiences for both sides of a call.

Key points to remember are:

  • Powered by EPOS’ BrainAdapt technology – EPOS designs audio solutions built on EPOS BrainAdapt, a group of pioneering technologies that work to improve cognitive performance. IMPACT 1000 is built on EPOS BrainAdapt technology to reduce brain fatigue with adaptive active noise cancellation and voice pickup powered by EPOS AI, making sure you’re getting your message through.
  • Uses EPOS AI to adapt to environments – EPOS machine learning technology scans user environments 32,000 times per second to suppress disruptive sounds and enhances desirable audio to ensure only the relevant sounds slip through to the person the user is talking to.
  • Active noise cancellation (ANC) – Featuring hybrid adaptive hybrid ANC, the IMPACT 1000 ensures unwanted background sounds are blocked out to enable an undisturbed conversation and reduced brain fatigue.
  • Built with layers of smart features – Triple Bluetooth connectivity lets users stay connected to three devices at the same time to enable movement while on a call. TalkThrough features allow users to communicate with colleagues without removing the headset while the 360 busy light signals when users are on a call.
  • Designed for comfort – Users can experience all-day wearing comfort with a lightweight design, soft cushions, headband padding and a wideband for natural sound. Enjoy total ease of use with a contactless charging stand, intuitive on-headset controls and a suite of smart features.

The IMPACT 1000 is a headset designed to address the challenges of modern work environments. With its powerful technologies and user-friendly features, it mitigates brain fatigue, reduces disruptive sounds and enables users to unlock new levels of productivity and performance.

Ecosystem certifications for collaboration platforms are pending.

Find more information at www.eposaudio.com