Colt Brings SD-WAN, SSE Together in SASE Solution

Colt Technology Services’ customers now have access to an integrated full Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution that brings SD-WAN and SSE features together, with the launch of its Colt SASE Gateway solution.

Designed for global enterprise companies, the Colt Gateway solution is based on Versa SASE which includes Versa Secure Web Gateway, a secure web access solution that offers organizations protection from malware and threats, and instant insight for policy management along with reducing end-user friction to access cloud-based applications securely.

Underpinned by Colt’s partnership with Versa Networks and working with Colt SD-WAN Remote Access, a feature launched last year based on Versa Secure Access (VSA) and Colt SD WAN’s core integrated features, the solution delivers seamless network security.

The launch comes in response to the growth of hybrid working and cloud deployments along with increasing enterprise network complexity and a fast-evolving security threat landscape, all of which mean enterprises can no longer rely on traditional solutions to keep their systems secure. As a result, they are looking at using a SASE approach, which uses the convergence of networking and security to offer dynamic, secure access for employees regardless of where they are and the type of device they are using to access the network.

Versa’s Chief Revenue Officer Martin Mackay explained, “Global customers are taking advantage of the convergence of security and networking to power their digital transformations, and Versa and Colt are uniquely positioned to support them. Versa Secure Web Gateway, part of Versa SASE, provides secure Internet access to enterprise sites, home offices, and on-the-go users without compromising performance or end-user experience.”

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