Cequence Strengthens API Protection Platform

Cequence Security, a leader in API protection, adds updates to the Unified API Protection (UAP) platform that strengthen customers’ ability to discover, manage risk and protect APIs. With these latest capabilities, organizations can deploy API Security Testing with built-in generative AI automation, protect users from online fraud and operationalize security findings with low-code/no-code workflows.

“We are always exploring ways to further automate and improve our UAP solution and help our customers consolidate the tools required to stay ahead of the threat actors,” said Ameya Talwalkar, founder and CEO. “

With the potential of generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard, Cequence is one of the first cybersecurity companies and the first API protection company to leverage its power to protect data and users from bad actors.

Cequence has added new capabilities to API Security Testing, including Test Plan generation using a feature called Intelligent Mode that helps automate the generation of API Security Test Plans using plain English, extending the low-code/no-code approach to test case generation.

Cequence UAP’s Intelligent Mode associates the appropriate APIs with the right test cases, given the functionality of that API. This reduces the time needed to create a test plan to minutes, as compared to months with other solutions, it also ensures consistent experience across a customer’s entire applications and environments.

Other enhancements include detailed insights and remediation workflows into test failures.

The test catalog has test cases for the latest OWASP API Top 10 2023. Cequence also empowers InfoSec teams to run API tests outside of CI/CD pipelines, and instead, point attack test suites directly against staging or even production servers.

Learn more at www.cequence.ai.