Boom Unveils Advanced All-in-one Intelligent Device

Boom Collaboration has launched an “intelligent” video bar, as the appeal of all-in-one devices accelerates. The Texas-based manufacturer has unveiled the Boom AURA, a video bar with built-in AI functions designed to deliver superior meetings.

The Boom AURA offers 4K Ultra HD picture quality, 10 times digital zoom and a wide 120-degree field of view. AI functions include responsive facial detection and sound source localization providing intelligent auto-framing and voice-tracking.

Six digital array mics with six meters of pickup ensure crisp high-fidelity audio and an optimal intuitive response. An 8MP CMOS sensor combines with plug-and-play functionality and a standard three-year warranty. It has an RRP of $799.

The all-in-one AURA delivers a smart professional user experience backed by intelligent hardware that makes for better meetings. Simply. That’s the view of Fredrik Hörnkvist who set-up Boom Collaboration with co-founder Holli Hulett in 2020.

“There’s little doubt the popularity of video bars continues to rise as they provide a perfect solution especially for huddle rooms which are now an integral part of today’s hybrid work trends,” Hörnkvist explained.

“The AURA offers many exceptional features to create a complete conferencing solution combining stylish design with high performance and ease of use.”

The AURA joins the Boom UNO vertical video bar as part of an expanding portfolio, with product developments in the pipeline.

However, Hörnkvist and Hulett insist video bars might not be the ‘holy grail’ of conferencing for every environment, especially very large rooms.

“Despite their growing popularity video bars have limitations especially in larger rooms where people might be sat a long way back,” Hulett highlighted. “PTZ cameras with optical zoom offer the ultimate visual performance and when paired with our GEMINI expandable wireless audio system, for example, it’s often a better experience.

“We have also just introduced the Boom GOJO multi-camera controller which makes it easy to add a new dimension to conference meetings and live events by utilizing more than just one PTZ camera.”

She concluded: “Boom Collaboration provide solutions for all room types, from home workers to the biggest boardrooms – raising the bar in performance and convenience, whether that’s all-in-one or more powerful PTZ camera technologies. The popularity of bars and cameras remain high.”

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