Betacom AirGap Protection Strengthens Security for 4G/5G

Private wireless pioneer Betacom introduces today Betacom AirGap Protection, a network architecture aimed at enhancing cybersecurity for its flagship offering, Betacom 5G as a service (5GaaS).

The cyber defense enhancements provide multi-layered security to reduce the risk, complexity and cost of adding industrial automation and IoT applications into the enterprise environment, delivering the foundation for the next phase of economic and business evolution driven by wireless connectivity, automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and real-time data.

Betacom AirGap Protection completely isolates 4G/5G traffic from an enterprise’s existing IT infrastructure and takes a zero-trust approach to harden each network element – using a combination of traffic segregation, 3GPP tunneling, encryption and granular access controls. In addition to limiting the impact of malicious activity, AirGap Protection makes it easier to deploy new services without impacting the performance of other enterprise systems.

The AirGap framework will be first deployed in Betacom’s private 5G networks at MxD, which operates the National Center for Cybersecurity in Manufacturing. MxD works with industry and government leaders to develop and proliferate new tools to address the pain points of manufacturers at its Chicago facility.

Betacom’s 5GaaS is built on the customer’s premises and owned by the enterprise. Data remains behind the enterprise firewall and never intersects with public networks. Its private 4G/5G networks are monitored by the Betacom Service and Security Operations Center (SSOC) to provide 24×7, 365 days a year security coverage.

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