AdaptiveMobile Posts “Pegasus Project” Report on Mobile Hacking Spyware

AdaptiveMobile Security published its “Pegasus Project” report, documenting “widespread abuse of mobile phone hacking spyware.” According to the document, the “far reaching” and “severe” implications were primarily attributed to the collective identified as the NSO Group.

“The implications are far reaching and severe, impacting the integrity of personal communication and national telecommunication infrastructure,” AdaptiveMobile noted, revealing that instances of this spyware can “extract stored data” to “spy on individual mobile devices.”

The document also revealed common tactics, among them using surveillance platforms to manipulate network signaling protocols, modify service profiles and install malware.

“Mobile network security has never been more critical to ensure the integrity of personal communication and national telecom infrastructure,” said SVP of AdaptiveMobile, Brian Collins.

AdaptiveMobile offers real-time signaling protection and intelligence services for mobile network providers and government agencies.