SnapLogic Launches Integration Nation

SnapLogic has introduced Integration Nation, a community program designed to bring together customers, employees and industry experts. The new SnapLogic community connects members to other community-based programs to address generative integration and automation challenges, recognize leading customer and partner use cases, highlight individual champions and supporters, and celebrate members’ personal growth.

The Integration Nation community platform offers members features, including:

  • Improved navigation – Based on customer, user and prospect feedback, SnapLogic has improved the navigation of its community platform, including a revamp to its content structure, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Expanded discussion areas – Engaging discussions are the cornerstone of a thriving community. While SnapLogic supports peer-to-peer product discussions, the company has introduced discussion areas dedicated to thought leadership integration topics and business use case solutions. To broaden these discussions, SnapLogic will open these forums to anyone interested in joining Integration Nation.
  • New architecture center – The SnapLogic Enterprise Architecture team created resources to help members build the best integration solutions for their business needs. In the Architecture Center, members will find videos, technical white papers and other educational assets.
  • Enhanced events area – The platform makes staying informed about events and opportunities to engage with the SnapLogic team easier. With the ability to filter by region or virtual events, members can find events that meet their needs and interests.

“Cultivating a strong collaborative culture is critical to building a transformative business, no matter which industry you are in,” said Dayle Hall, chief marketing officer at SnapLogic. “We’ve always been committed to providing first-class user experience, and we’re excited to launch Integration Nation to empower professional growth, development and learning among our peers. We look forward to seeing members connect, share their knowledge and experiences, and engage with other professionals to further break down the barriers of integration and automation challenges.”

Available now, existing members will have instant access to the platform, where they can find updated community content and support.

For new members interested in joining Integration Nation, visit