WhiteHat Security Releases AppSec Stats Flash Volume 3

WhiteHat Security has released AppSec Stats Flash Volume 3, the latest installment of the company’s monthly report and podcast reflecting on the current state of application security and the wider cyberthreat landscape.

In AppSec Stats Flash Volume 3, WhiteHat Security’s Setu Kulkarni, vice president of corporate strategy and business development, and Zach Jones, senior director of detection research, are joined by Dino Boukouris, founder and managing director at Momentum Cyber, to primarily discuss how information leakage can expose vulnerabilities in connected applications across business-to-business partnerships, as well as analyze the latest application security data found in this month’s report.

Key findings from AppSec Stats Flash Volume 3 include:

  • More than 40 percent of applications are actively leaking information and are at-risk of exposing sensitive data.
  • Exposure of A3-Sensitive Data, one of the leading vulnerabilities reported within information leakage, can result in a supply chain-type attack across connected applications.
  • Applications in the manufacturing sector continue to report the highest Window of Exposure, with 70 percent of applications having at least one serious vulnerability open over the previous 12 months.

Check out the report here.