Webex Assessment Shows Your Hybrid Readiness

With each passing day of postponing office openings, the hybrid workforce looks more inevitable.

With news of and increasing rates of Omicron – the latest variant of COVID-19 – spread, many businesses are facing the dilemma of how they need to adapt their workplaces and how they need to modify the way they collaborate and communicate with employees and customers.

Employee expectations also have changed, with many preferring to work remotely and work with more flexibility to fit in with their family life.

Beka Business Media believes companies need to become hybrid, as the traditional 9 to 5 model is gone, or will be gone once the pandemic is controlled.

Webex has created an assessment to determine your company’s readiness. In 10 minutes, you’ll see exactly where you stand and get a custom report detailing the next steps to take on your hybrid work journey. Click the link below to learn more.

Hybrid Work Readiness Assessment (webex.com)