VIPRE Security Introduces Endpoint Detection, Response Technology

VIPRE Security Group, a cybersecurity, privacy and data protection company, is adding a tool to its comprehensive suite offerings. VIPRE Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and IT partners navigate the complexities of EDR management from a single console.

While VIPRE EDR will be available publicly this fall, the company is ready to launch its Beta program and seeks users to test the product and provide feedback.

“At VIPRE, we know there are a variety of endpoint detection and response products  available in the marketplace for large companies, but those solutions can be complex and overwhelming for small and mid-sized businesses. After listening to our clients about their priorities, we decided to focus on creating a solution that would make EDR accessible for SMBs and our partners who serve them,” said VIPRE’s Chief Product Officer Usman Choudhary.

Benefits of using VIPRE Endpoint Detection and Response include:

  • Endpoint Protection – With VIPRE Endpoint Security Cloudas its core, VIPRE EDR scans files, processes, and network activity for known and unknown threats and alerts you to suspicious behaviors.
  • Incident Management – Track ongoing incidents including correlated threat data, and assign and track to resolution all open threats to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Endpoint Isolation – Prevent threat spread by isolating an affected device on the network. Only manage and interact with a device until an investigation is complete.
  • Threat Visualization – View and address all threat behavior from a central location. Understand how and when a potential threat impacted your systems, including all aspects of endpoint activity related to the threat – all user, process, file, registry, and network activity.
  • Remote Control – Investigate deeper with instant access to the remote devices, no special installation required. Once identified, threats can be managed by killing processes, deleting files and other remediation steps directly from VIPRE EDR.
  • Suspicious file/link sandboxing – Integrated ability to detonate files and links in a private cloud sandbox for deep analysis and forensic investigation.

VIPRE’s solutions provide layers of protection between cybercriminals and businesses, reducing the threat of malware and other malicious attacks these organizations may encounter in the course of their business operation. VIPRE solutions also provide protection for small and mid-sized businesses to ensure they avoid misconfigured firewalls, improperly granted administrator rights, and failed antivirus updates.

Learn more by visiting the VIPRE website.