Versa Extends Zero Trust Network Access

Versa Networks, a leader of single-vendor unified  (SASE), today launches its trademarked Versa Zero Trust Everywhere, a solution delivering zero trust security for remote and on-premises users, with optimized user-to-application performance.

Hybrid cloud and hybrid work have changed where and how users work, challenging organizations to find ways to secure the enterprise while delivering the best user experience. Cloud-delivered Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solutions are adopted widely to secure remote work, but cannot deliver the application performance and inline policy enforcement needed for workers at the office.

With Versa’s Zero Trust Everywhere, organizations improve their security posture and user experience while reducing the costs of managing multiple security products.

Versa is a market leader in unified SASE, with a set of offerings to protect and connect users, devices, and sites to applications anywhere. Deployed by thousands of enterprises and service providers globally, Versa’s innovative offerings converge security with networking within an AI/ML-powered single-vendor unified SASE platform that delivers developed best-of-breed functions that integrate and deliver services via the cloud, on-premises or as a blended combination of both, managed through a single pane of glass. Zero Trust Everywhere leverages these strengths to extend Zero Trust to the campus and branch.

Hybrid work is now the norm, with much of today’s workforce alternating between corporate offices and remote locations. For onsite work, the perimeter-oriented approach to securing network access implicitly trusts all users and devices inside the network.

The problem with this approach is that a compromised device or a bad actor is also trusted and can move freely inside the perimeter. In contrast, zero trust is acknowledged as a superior security model, and ZTNA solutions are being adopted to secure remote work.

Unfortunately, today’s cloud-delivered ZTNA approaches are inadequate for campus and branch environments. As a result, organizations end up deploying and maintaining duplicate security products, which creates potential security gaps and misconfigurations, poor user experience and increased complexity and costs.

With Versa Zero Trust Everywhere, enterprises can leverage Versa’s AI/ML-powered unified SASE platform to enable in-line zero trust policy enforcement for remote workers and onsite/hybrid workers in campus and branch offices, while delivering an excellent user-to-application experience. With today’s announcement, Versa expands its portfolio with two new products to deliver Zero Trust Everywhere:

Versa Zero Trust – Premises (ZT-Prem) is a secure access solution for branch and campus users connecting to applications and workloads hosted in the enterprise data centers or private clouds. It applies granular, Zero Trust access policies to users and devices based on continuous assessment of identity, device posture, and application. The product is designed to be integrated into any campus or branch architecture as a standalone appliance.

Versa Software-Defined LAN (SD-LAN) modernizes the campus and branch LAN with a software-defined, hardware-agnostic approach. It delivers an in-line ZTNA solution and an assured user-to-application experience. Key capabilities include switching and routing at line rate speeds with distributed adaptive micro-segmentation; inline Zero Trust policy enforcement at the user, device and application level; dynamic best-path traffic selection to optimize user-to-application experience; advanced automation; and AI/ML-based network and security anomaly detection.

Versa will unveil and demonstrate Versa Zero Trust Everywhere April 24-27,at the RSA Conference in San Francisco. Visit booth 760 in the Moscone South Expo Hall, and book a meeting with us for a deeper discussion.

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