Verizon Expands 5G Home, 5G UWB Service Availability

Verizon expanded its 5G Home and 5G Ultra Wideband (UWB) mobility services into several new markets.

The deployment – which is designed to bring 5G services to more devices and homes – includes rollouts in:

  • 5G Home – Fremont, C.A.; Niagara Falls, N.Y. and Orlando, Pensacola and Sarasota, F.L..
  • 5G UWB – Harrisburg, P.A., Athens, G.A., Orlando, F.L. and Fremont, C.A..

With the rollout, 5G Home and 5G UWB, respectively, are now available in 57 and 82 markets.

“Our continued investment in 5G Ultra Wideband means that more people than ever can experience unmatched speed on phones and a home broadband alternative that is transforming the market,” said Kyle Malady, Verizon CTO. “We will continue our aggressive push into even more places.”

5G Home, in particular, is designed to support “a new kind of home internet,” offering unlimited broadband – maximum 1Gbps download – with no data caps for an increasing tele-workforce. A 5G UWB coverage map is available via the Verizon website; additional info on 5G Home is also available.