Vaultree Makes Scalable Data-in-use Encryption Available to Enterprises

More than 4,100 publicly disclosed data breaches occurred in 2022, with approximately 22 billion records leaked. Most of it was not encrypted, prompting Vaultreese to make available its software development kit (SDK) to address this need.

Made possible by a series of cryptographic breakthroughs by the Vaultree team, the SDK is a user-friendly, simple-to-integrate and easy-to-use scalable solution that enables organizations to benefit from functional data-in-use encryption, allowing for the processing of encrypted data without server-side decryption and complex intermediaries or noticeable delays in data processing.

Vaultree developed the solution to address the problems associated with processing encrypted data at scale, ensuring companies no longer need to sacrifice security for performance and are able to keep their data safe at all times.

Businesses can retain their tech stack, database, code and SQL syntax, follow the rules, and operate without any perceptible changes, with the benefit of being encrypted and at scale.

Vaultree’s SDK provides protection, including adherence, security and effectiveness. So, in the event of a leak, rather than issuing an apology about the wholesale exposure of sensitive data, companies can inform clients that although their data has been compromised, it is encrypted.

This layer of protection also makes CISOs’ lives easier by solving the difficult challenge in cybersecurity: persistent data encryption, even in the event of a leak. Encryption technologies to date have not been able to process encrypted data, decrypting it to plain text for processing and therefore impacting organizations’ overall data security, making their data readily available to cyber criminals.

Ease of integration and use is another critical differentiator of Vaultree’s SDK encryption solution. There is no need to be a cryptographer, no intermediaries (such as APIs, proxies or plugins), no change of data architecture, and no code or SQL syntax change. This adaptability has made the product a prime mover in the market.

Vaultree’s SDK encryption solution tackles the drawbacks of conventional and contemporary encryption methods with a variety of features, including:

  • Close to plaintext processing speed, even at scale
  • Keys reside with the client
  • End-to-end encrypted in use, decrypted only client-side
  • No changes to stack, SQL syntax, data structure, architecture, and network topology
  • Complex processing from full-text search to computations on randomized encrypted data
  • Performance and scalability at enterprise levels
  • No need for special-purpose hardware

Peak performance processing on fully encrypted data enables enterprises to scale to billions of datasets while processing data at speeds similar to unencrypted data processing. Enterprises handling large amounts of sensitive data, including those in financial services, healthcare, pharmaceutical, insurance, retail, telecom, and energy sectors, will be able to mitigate the tremendous economic, cyber, legal, reputational, and business risk of a data breach in plain text — because of the data being encrypted.

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