Valtix Essentials Provides Enterprise-grade Cloud Network Security

Valtix, a multi-cloud network security platform as a service, released its Valtix Essentials and Advanced offerings, which provide organizations with enterprise-grade cloud network security to block attacks, prevent lateral movement and restrict outbound traffic.

Valtix’s pay-as-you-go pricing ensures that organizations scaling their business aren’t compromising on the security of their workloads and apps hosted in the public cloud.

“Network security in the cloud isn’t about protecting the network, it’s about protecting the workload. While many organizations start with a cloud-specific network firewall, oftentimes it’s not enough,” said Vishal Jain, co-founder and CEO at Valtix. “Our additional offerings allow organizations to gain access to cloud network security that aligns to their particular needs, whether foundational or advanced, but do so on a multi-cloud basis.”

Valtix provides a multi-cloud, cloud-native firewall with advanced capabilities such as dynamic policy tied to automated discovery, a complete intrusion prevention system (IDS / IPS), and the ability to filter traffic based on domains identified with a qualified domain name or web resource (FQDN / URL filtering). Each Valtix plan includes an advanced web application firewall (WAF) with OWASP Top 10 rules, which is critical for protecting web applications from common attack types.

Valtix Essentials enables organizations with FQDN egress filtering to prevent malicious outbound traffic such as command and control (C2) or botnets. Valtix embeds category-based threat intelligence on domain reputation from WebRoot BrightCloud to categorize external addresses based on their risk score. This includes over 1 billion domains and is an essential security function to prevent exfiltration.

Valtix Advanced includes Valtix Essentials capabilities along with traffic decryption to prevent exploits on vulnerabilities and detect anomalies. Additionally, revisions to the Valtix Free Tier offer organizations a no-cost option for cloud firewall including network and WAF for single account deployments.

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