Terranova Security Announces Cyber Hero Score to Help Target Training

Terranova Security has announced Cyber Hero Score intended to help organizations to quantify risk by assigning unique ratings to each end-user or user profile based on their cyber security behaviors.

Cyber Hero Score is a visionary addition to the Terranova Security offering, primed to disrupt the industry by going beyond assessment surveys in determining employee risk levels, using personalized metrics.

Cyber Hero Score can be used for individuals, user profiles, teams, departments, countries, and business units. This intel facilitates how organizations build tailored cyber awareness training campaigns based on actual end-user behaviors and progression over time. A Cyber Hero Score will draw from multiple factors, including the:

  • Role, function, and regional location within the organization
  • Risk and security awareness knowledge levels
  • Access permissions to sensitive information
  • Proximity to previous data breaches

Security awareness training metrics, such as course participation and completion rate, phishing simulation results, and behavior change performance over time, also are considered.

By assessing risk and security awareness levels, organizations can identify high-risk users or profiles, pinpoint specific behavior change areas, and personalize the resulting training campaigns to suit those realities. As a result, organizations can significantly reduce the human risk factor.

Cyber Hero Score is an asset for all organizations, regardless of whether their employees work within a remote/hybrid model or in-office. Training administrators must understand team members at higher risk of being targeted by a cyber-attack, and if they have adequate knowledge and skills to safeguard against attempts to compromise sensitive data.

Organizations will leverage Cyber Hero Score to risk-based campaigns that respond and adapt to behavior changes based on an individual’s unique awareness training journey. This feature underpins a security-first mindset that helps mitigate risk, build cyber threat resilience, and grow security awareness across all departments, regions, and functions.

For more information on how Cyber Hero Score plays an integral part in building cyber threat resilience and growing a cyber-aware security culture through targeted, risk-based training, visit the dedicated webpage on the Terranova Security site.