Survey: Third of Healthcare Practitioners Working from Home

Stethoscope brand Thinklabs announced the results of a proprietary survey on healthcare workers’ predictions for the future of healthcare after the Covid-19 pandemic, and among the findings were insights into the increase in telehealth and adoption of digital health technology to streamline patient visits.

Almost half of healthcare workers surveyed project it will take a year or longer for medical practices to return to normal, pre-pandemic operations. Safety is on top of everyone’s minds, with a majority of clinicians predicting an increase in the use of PPE and digital waiting rooms for in-person visits. Additionally, a growing number of practitioners are incorporating virtual appointments into their practices, with almost a third reporting they are currently working from home. More than a quarter (28 percent) expect to continue doing so more often. Indeed, the use of technology to make patient visits safer is a trend likely to continue well into the future of healthcare.

“Gathering insights from primary sources on the frontlines of healthcare during the Covid-19 pandemic is critical to gaining a deeper understanding of how to move forward,” said Clive Smith, CEO and founder of Thinklabs. “Understanding the changing landscape enables us to provide immediate solutions in the midst of this crisis, as well as to develop products and services that anticipate the enduring changes that will transform healthcare going forward.”

Nearly half of healthcare workers think it’ll take 12-23 months for healthcare practices to return to normal, with the median response being 12 months. A quarter of them predict it’ll take 6-11 months.