StrikeForce Introduces PrivacyLok to Protect Sensitive Data

StrikeForce Technologies Inc., a cyber-technology company that prevents data theft and security breaches, has launched PrivacyLok, a desktop privacy protection suite designed to prevent unwanted applications from accessing sensitive data while protecting users from eavesdropping spyware and exploitable computing processes including keylogging, camera access, audio access, screen scraping and more.

The remote work trend spawned by the pandemic has led to an increased reliance on online communications, particularly around the usage of video conferencing. While convenient, security vulnerabilities hackers can exploit through these platforms and other collaborative tools can deliver spyware to a user’s device, granting them access to a worker’s desktop, cameras, microphones and keyboards. This gives hackers the ability to steal sensitive data and spy on users, as well as gain access to email, skype and slack logins.

To combat this, PrivacyLok offers a standalone endpoint protection platform for corporations and consumers, which was designed to address the vulnerabilities associated with communication and meeting collaboration tools.

PrivacyLok stops malware from stealing usernames, passwords or other confidential and personal information as users type on the keyboard while blocking spyware from taking control over a device’s camera, microphone, speakers and clipboard. Additionally, PrivacyLok protects these functions while using other video conferencing platforms like Zoom, WebEx and Microsoft Teams that can be easily susceptible to breaches.

PrivacyLok offers users multi-layered security protection including:

  • Anti-Hooking Keyboard Protection – Locks down your keyboard input, protecting it from keylogging spyware
  • Clipboard Protection – Locks down the content saved when users copy/paste and prevents applications from accessing sensitive data
  • Anti-Screen Scraping – Prevents malware from secretly taking screenshots of your personal information or content displayed on your screen
  • Camera, Microphone and Speakers Protection – Locks down access to a user’s camera, microphone and audio speakers
  • Anti-Click Jacking – Detects and highlights hidden attacks. Warns users from clicking on malicious invisible objects embedded in legitimate web pages

In addition to PrivacyLok, StrikeForce will announce the full launch of the company’s own video conferencing platform, SafeVchat, in early March.