Stratodesk Extends Long-term Support to Enhance Remote Work Experience

Stratodesk, a global provider of a secure and managed corporate operating system, announces today the Stratodesk NoTouch Long Term Support (LTS) 22.09, the newest generation of its enterprise-targeted software support. The Stratodesk NoTouch LTS OS can be set up and connected to the corporate workspace entirely by an end user – taking the load off IT teams and fully enabling remote work scenarios without compromising security.

With wide endpoint support, including the Dell OptiPlex 3000 series, all features of the Stratodesk NoTouch OS are available under Stratodesk NoTouch LTS 22.09.

Enterprises with fleets of PCs can neither sink the time into constantly updating the devices nor fall behind on critical bug and vulnerability fixes. Stratodesk NoTouch LTS reduces churn of constant regression testing whenever apps and peripherals change enterprise while ensuring customers can roll out critical security updates when available.

IT managers can maintain a consistent schedule for updating the same software image across different hardware models, with the assurance they can react quickly to any urgent issues. By subscribing to Stratodesk LTS, IT teams can sustain end-user computing with fewer resources, extend the life cycle of existing investments while supporting BYOD policies.

The Stratodesk NoTouch LTS offering brings greater control to enterprise IT departments responsible for managing and efficiently updating tens of thousands of computing devices distributed across multiple locations. NoTouch LTS version 22.09 provides all the features and enhancements that have been released in Stratodesk NoTouch OS version 3.4.

Stratodesk NoTouch thin client endpoint software transforms any PC, thin client, laptop or Raspberry Pi device into a secure and centrally managed VDI, DaaS or hybrid endpoint.

The Stratodesk NoTouch LTS 22.09 is available immediately from Stratodesk and its international network of channel and service provider partners. Customers with active Stratodesk Gold and Platinum support subscriptions can enroll in Stratodesk NoTouch LTS at no cost. One and the same management software, Stratodesk’s NoTouch Center, can manage LTS 22.09, last year’s and still supported Stratodesk NoTouch LTS 21.09 as well as the well-known, current release of Stratodesk NoTouch OS, all next to each other.

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