Stoke Talent’s MyTalents Portal Helps Find Freelancers Faster, Smarter

The freelance industry has grown exponentially over the past year, but just because 59 million Americans identify as freelancers, it does not mean companies can source qualified freelancers when they need them.

It can be challenging for hiring managers to find the talent they need. To simplify the recruiting process for companies, Stoke Talent created MyTalents – a customizable, searchable portal aggregating information and reviews on all of the company’s past and present independent contractors and agencies.

As companies rely more on freelancers and independent contractors, keeping track of everyone’s experiences and work product becomes increasingly challenging. Companies need a reference book of freelance talent so when they need someone for a specific project, they can know who to hire from those they already have contracted. That’s where MyTalents comes in.

With the MyTalents portal, companies can build an organizational memory of all non-payroll workers – including external agencies, independent contractors, freelancers and consultants – and keep all records in one, searchable and easy-to-use database.

New and current freelancers are added to the MyTalents portal and then, as each step of a project is completed, teammates’ feedback is uploaded to the freelancer’s profile and stored alongside public data, their work portfolio, legal documents signed, and other details.

With search functionality built in, companies can look through every freelancer hired by the company by skillset, experience, and project. By pulling up a freelancer’s profile, a hiring manager can see which departments that person worked with and read through the feedback to make sure only the best freelancers are considered for new opportunities.

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