Spot Reveals 3D Virtual Office Platform

Spot emerged out of stealth mode back in April announcing that unicorn founders, Gordon Hempton and Wes Hather developed a new product transforming the way we connect at work. Since April, thousands of companies and virtual worlds later, with a global reach, Spot reveals how the product is changing the way we connect at work.

Customers are leveraging the benefits of an immersive 3D virtual experience with use cases across all industries like:

  • Events
  • Internal operations/meetings
  • Recruiting
  • Sales
  • Education
  • Happy hours and
  • Watch parties

Spot’s customers are building massive online communities that span the globe. Spot embraces the diversity, joy, productivity, collaboration, innovation and culture cultivated by customers in their virtual offices.

The consensus is clear that remote work is here to stay. What’s not clear is what virtual platform companies will adopt. Several virtual platforms use 2D maps with low level graphics. Customers are sharing the professional look and feel of Spot’s 3D virtual experience sets itself apart from the competition by providing an experience that is winner, not only for internal meetings/events but also for external meetings.

Spot provides a better solution for companies to reduce expensive real estate/office costs and tools like Slack/Discord/Zoom, in one consolidated platform.

Spot works like a 3D immersive video game, where each user acts as an avatar in this virtual world. Users can customize their avatars and spaces to suit their needs. The product is engineered and optimized specifically for a web experience where anyone can join instantly with a web browser and start sharing voice/video, screens, and moments with people through events, meetings, and hangouts. Here is a one minute video on a Spot experience.