Spectrum Virtual Launches SpecProtex Distributed Firewall Services & Secure Global Network

Spectrum Virtual, a leader in managed IT, cybersecurity and cloud services announced the availability of SpecProtex distributed firewall services and secure global network.

The pandemic has forced many businesses, governments, and educational institutions to shift to a distributed, work from home model, creating enormous challenges for information technology departments. A remote workforce elevates the need for improved security strategies to protect users and their data from end-to-end and to avoid a larger, and potentially more lucrative, environment for cyberattacks.

Traditional approaches to the network perimeter and firewall no longer satisfy the security needs of the organization. While new methods referred to as SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) seek to distribute security to the edges, Spectrum Virtual’s SpecProtex services go further and bring a layer of security all the way to the end user’s device. SpecProtex secures all communications from the user’s laptop, PC, or devices, to corporate or cloud servers.

Spectrum Virtual’s SpecProtex platform increases security and improves efficiency for businesses that need to secure remote staff, co-working spaces, and distributed offices. SpecProtex provides a comprehensive networking and security solution including SASE, security information management (SIEM), governance, secure web gateway, cloud VPN and more.