Smarsh Aids Orgs to Unlock Compliance Facilities for Zoom Meetings

Smarsh announced new capabilities for its Capture solution for Zoom. Developed with Zoom Video Communications Inc., the offering enables enterprise organizations, that need to comply with financial industry regulations, to unlock expanded capabilities of Zoom Meetings at the largest scale possible.

With this release, Smarsh enables customers to capture content up to 250,000 Zoom Meeting users. Enterprises can support compliance at a greater scale as employees remain more distributed and digitally connected than ever. The Smarsh Capture solution captures more than 80 channels natively using APIs to send data to Smarsh archiving platforms or any external archive, third-party application or data lake.

Workstream collaboration tools, such as Zoom, are essential to any organization. In 2022, 31 percent of all workers worldwide will be remote or hybrid, with the majority in the United States and United Kingdom working remotely according to Gartner.

With more workers operating from all over the world and outside of a controlled office environment, organizations that need to comply with regulatory requirements are vulnerable to risk with communications occurring across different channels. To ensure all communications are accounted for, organizations need to scale their oversight. And, with this expanded oversight, large organizations can enable compliance with regulations that require this content to be captured and monitored.

Smarsh brings 20-plus years of experience of solving complex digital communications problems for more than 6,500 organizations worldwide. It delivers enterprise-scale solutions in key use case areas including combating financial crime, enabling intelligent e-discovery, empowering organizations to meet their compliance obligations, better protecting intellectual property, monitoring for sexual harassment and other bad behaviors and enabling compliant remote work.

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