SASSI and Attila Security Announce Partnership

Hockeypuk Cybersecurity Consulting, a subsidiary of Special Aerospace Security Services, is partnering with Attila Security to deliver secure solutions to the remote workforce.

Attila has branded the GoSilent Cube and GoSilent Server as Hockeypuk to support end-to-end client to cloud turnkey solutions and services broadening the scope of provision for mobile teams and the SASSI network.

Atilla Security is adding their product to a series of integrated solutions SASSI offers to the government and will one day deliver to industries as well. Hockeypuk now delivers secure remote access through hardware-based VPNs that fit in the palm of your hand using the Attila GoSilent Cube.

SASSI delivers the integration and end-to-end solution for the user community. They promote the use of zero clients and virtual desktops to reduce the endpoint vulnerability footprint and cost of securing traditional desktops and laptops.

This means that there is no operating system, applications, data, patching, or touch labor at the user level. Rather, users can fully function in the cloud, closest to their data as SASSI delivers and supports endpoint management, monitoring, and visibility in the cloud, from the cloud.