SaaS Alerts’ Unify Provides Visibility between Apps, End-user

SaaS Alerts, a cybersecurity company built for MSPs to protect and monetize their customers’ business SaaS applications, has released Unify. Building on SaaS Alerts’ monitoring, alerting and automated response engine, Unify’s technology provides visibility into the security blind spot between cloud-based SaaS applications and the devices that end users leverage.

Protecting business data used to be as simple as setting up antivirus on devices, implementing a firewall and ensuring a backup was present and tested. In today’s remote work world, things have changed.

As data and workloads move to SaaS-based applications and users work from anywhere on any device, protecting business-critical data inside SaaS applications requires a new playbook. With the launch of the Unify module, SaaS Alerts provides MSP/MSSP partners with the ability to protect their customers better by correlating device data from RMM agents with SaaS account security events.

Unify connects SaaS application event data with the devices that end users leverage to create a unified security view of the user.

For example, with authentication, users should be challenged to prove something they know (e.g. password) and something they have (e.g. MFA token).

However, token hijacking has changed the game. Having a password and token no longer confirms a user’s identity, creating a blind spot. Unify proves that users know their password, have the MFA token and they are accessing the SaaS application from a known device.

Customers using Unify will realize these benefits:

  • Seamless deployment – Unify uses the existing RMM agent in place, so a SaaS Alerts agent is not required
  • Improved decurity and efficiency – Less noise, more confidence, and more insights related to SaaS events

Unify is available at no additional cost. Active partners automatically receive Unify by provisioning Ninja RMM, ConnectWise Automate or Kaseya VSA within SaaS Alerts.

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