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Thursday, February 25, 2021

CourtCall Frees Courts from Serving as Tech Support for Zoom, Teams, Skype, WebEx, Others

Thousands of judges and court staff members have been distracted from their important duties to serve in support of Zoom, Teams, Skype, WebEx and other platforms.

The pandemic has caused many judges who previously rejected the concept of remote appearances to fully embrace them and to note that remote participation or some form of virtual court is here to stay.

“For 25 years, thousands of forward-looking judges and court administrators and tens of thousands of lawyers and members of the public have benefitted from our innovation and support,” said Bob Alvarado, CourtCall’s CEO. “Now that it is all but universally recognized that remote access, remote testimony and virtual appearances are accepted, welcomed and even expected in our courts, the concern becomes how long in a given community will judges, clerks and court IT professionals continue to try to moderate calls, coach the public on how to use technology, build and maintain software and bend court needs and practices to match the limitations of mass-market technology?”

Alvarado added, “CourtCall has anticipated and solved for the silly, embarrassing, inconvenient or disruptive situations that challenge our courts. We appreciate and protect the formality of our courts for the benefit of all justice partners and the public.”

Services for every appearance type or court environment, bundles to meet the needs of a community, kiosks for remote arraignment, court pay models, participant pay models, no fees for the indigent, reduced fees for the self-represented, appearance scheduling, moderators trained in court procedures, in session and pre and post-session support, language access, court reporter access, deposition services and platform software customization are among the many innovations provided by CourtCall to replicate the courtroom and needs of the legal market.

CourtCall was founded in 1995 to make remote court appearances simple, accessible and affordable for all parties. It has completed more than 6 million remote appearances.

The organization developed the Remote Appearance Platform, creating an organized and voluntary way for attorneys to appear for routine matters in civil, family, criminal, probate, bankruptcy, workers’ compensation and other cases from their offices, homes or other convenient locations.

Designed with reliable and user-friendly technologies, courts and remote participants experience seamless communication during cases, while benefiting from significant time and cost savings.

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