Pure Storage Redefines AI-ready Infrastructure

Pure Storage, an IT pioneer that delivers advanced data storage technology and services, announces today at Pure//Accelerate techfest22, that its AIRI//S, a next generation of its AI-ready infrastructure, developed by Pure Storage and NVIDIA. AIRI//S provides enterprises with a simple, on-demand infrastructure that accelerates AI initiatives at any scale.

Enterprises across industries have recognized the power of AI to speed innovation and gain a competitive edge with critical business insights. However, the complexity and rigidity of legacy infrastructure technology – on-premises and in the cloud – is a barrier for enterprises looking to achieve the promise of AI-based data science and move into the new era of intelligence.

Too many AI initiatives are stalled by the intricacies of a “do-it-yourself” approach, leading to significant delays and idle time. Instead, AI requires new infrastructure to facilitate faster innovation and obtain actionable, modern analytics.

To meet this need, Pure Storage, in collaboration with NVIDIA, launched AIRI in 2018, an AI-ready infrastructure reference architecture, purpose-built to enable organizations to achieve better utilization and uptime and ultimately scale their AI and data science investments without complexity.

Today, Pure announces the next step in its collaboration with NVIDIA with the release of AIRI//S, powered by NVIDIA DGX A100 systems – featuring end-to-end networking, including NVIDIA Quantum InfiniBand and NVIDIA Spectrum networking.

AIRI//S provides enterprises with a proven, simple, and scalable AI infrastructure for all stages of the AI data pipeline and includes Pure’s FlashBlade//S. FlashBlade//S delivers significant advancements in non-disruptive performance, density, power efficiency and scale, resulting in optimal alignment to the AI training performance and parallelism gains that DGX systems deliver.

AIRI//S operationalizes AI at scale for every enterprise. Since its launch, AIRI has supported hundreds of AI workloads across customers ranging from startups to national security departments to multinational technology conglomerates and every type of data-driven industry in between.

Benefits of AIRI//S include:

  • Ease of Use – AIRI//S can be set up, deployed and managed as an end-to-end AI pipeline solution. AIRI//S ensures infrastructure teams are not overwhelmed by growing AI requirements, and that data teams remain productive and spend more time delivering insights and less on worrying about their infrastructure.
  • Performance at Any Scale – AIRI//S is optimized out-of-the-box to deliver multi-dimensional performance for all stages of the AI data pipeline, and can scale storage and AI compute capabilities, allowing organizations to start their AI journeys at any scale and grow as needed.
  • Agile AI Platform – As the AI data science landscape and customer requirements evolve, enterprises can adapt their AI infrastructure to accelerate time to competitive advantage with faster responses to fluctuating market dynamics.
  • Sustainable, Efficient AI Infrastructure – AIRI//S is the first to include Pure Storage’s FlashBlade//S, which enables a more powerful, high-performance AI infrastructure in the same footprint by delivering high density, reduced power consumption and data center efficiency.

Additionally, leveraging Evergreen//Forever (formerly Evergreen Gold) and Evergreen//One (formerly Pure as-a-Service), customers can take advantage of always-modern infrastructure subscriptions and true, consumption-based storage subscriptions to manage their investments as they grow their AI infrastructure.

For more information, visit www.purestorage.com.