PRO-LAB Raises Awareness for Radon-free Home Office Workspaces

Many Americans turned their homes into offices – hopefully free of toxins – when their jobs transitioned to remote work because of COVID-19. One hazard that could cause illness in these remote workplaces, however, would be elevated levels of radon, a cancer-causing gas that is invisible, odorless and radioactive.

As January is National Radon Action Month, PRO-LAB provides the vitally needed attention to detecting radon and giving people a way to identify it with its Radon Test Kits.

“Radon is a silent killer that more people should know about and have an easy-to-use product to detect on a weekly basis. PRO-LAB is dedicated to increasing awareness of this dangerous gas, to ensure all are safe,” said PRO-LAB founder and CEO James McDonnell.

With a PRO-LAB Short Term Radon Test Kit, homeowners can find out whether their house has high radon levels by opening the kit’s vials and leaving them exposed to air for 96 hours. After the necessary exposure time, the vials are recapped and mailed to PRO-LAB’s laboratory for an EPA-certified analysis with guaranteed results within one week. If the kit produces a result higher than the EPA’s acceptable radon level, one should call a professional radon mitigator immediately to install a radon mitigation system.

PRO-LAB’s Short Term Radon Test Kits are vital for every home and should be used weekly, especially in the winter.

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